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Grain Tech Cluster

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The Turkish food processing machinery industry is able to produce every kind of machinery and equipment for grain processing machinery industry. Today, Turkish grain processing machinery industry is an internationally recognized and mature industry.

Due to the presence of high level of specialisation in grain milling machinery manufacturing industry with their strong relations to supporting sectors such as metal casting, electronic and plastics, Çorum has became an internationally known region in Turkey with its knowledge and special production capabilities.

Çorum is the most powerful province for grain processing machinery industry which offers a high quality, affordable, innovative and different range of products for investors in the sector. The region realized approximately 35 % of Turkish export in grain processing machinery industry. Çorum’s grain milling machinery industry is very competitive and export oriented. Today, the industry firms export their products to five continents.

Çorum Grain Processing Machinery Companies believe that cooperating in the same value chain and clustering atthe common strategy can answer the needs of customers more quickly in different geographical markets.

Having several references of installing turnkey plants with all kinds of machinery and equipments in the international standards, Grain Tech Cluster provides numerous options for the new entrepreneurs and food producers in the world.

Through high technological production facilities and lean production techniques, Grain Tech Cluster companies move their competitiveness to a higher level by serving high quality products with reasonable prices at requested delivery time to its customers from all over the World.